Top 3 Herb with Health Benefits

Top 3 Herb with Health Benefits

There are various herbs with multiple potential benefits to health, such as those with cognitive boosters and anti-inflammatory properties, and some that may even aid in fighting cancer. In this list are discussed three such herbs with health benefits:


Oregano is an herb frequently used in the Mediterranean diet. Some associated health benefits of Oregano are:

● Breaks up Nasal Congestion
● Improves Heart Health
● Treats Flu Virus
● Treats the Common Cold
● Relieves Menstrual Cramps
● Kills Intestinal Parasites

This cannot be accomplished with just Oregano as an herb. Still, it has been considered for use due to the many health benefits associated with its antioxidative properties.


The Mediterranean was also the cradle of the parsley plant. Throughout the years, many have used it as a flavoring ingredient in food and as a medicinal treatment for issues like allergies and high blood pressure.

● There are many antioxidants in this herb.
● It is rich in carotenoids.
● Other vitamins that support one’s health and immune system are also present. Among these is vitamin K, an essential nutrient for bone health.


Strong and bushy, this herb has greenish-gray trailing leaves and a potent flavor and aroma. This herb’s original range includes the western Mediterranean and the drier, sunnier regions of Western Asia and southern Europe. However, there’s more to this aromatic herb than just adding flavor to your favorite dishes. Some of the associated health benefits include:

● The essential oil of the herb thyme has been used for centuries to prevent spoilage by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi.
● Minerals and vitamins found in thyme contribute to overall health.
● There is a lot of vitamin C and potassium in thyme, which helps keep cells healthy, and manganese, which helps with bone growth and blood clotting.
● Additional health benefits from consuming thyme through either food or tea include:

○ Inflammation Reduction
○ Respiratory Support
○ Improvement in Gastrointestinal Health

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