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Varieties of Red Chillies in India

India is renowned for its flavorful spices and chilies, which are a staple in the vast majority of dishes. But it’s not just about taste – these pungent peppers have many health benefits if consumed carefully! Did you know that there are over 400 distinct varieties of chili? Through our expertise as top Red Chilli Exporters, we can bring India’s unrivaled spice to people around the world.

History of Chillies in India

Indian cuisine’s relationship with chili peppers is quite fascinating! Despite the extensive utilization of chilies in India today, they are not native to this country. Rather, their origin lies in Northeastern Mexico. Evidence discovered by researchers suggests that the cultivation and use of chilies date back 6000 years ago! Subsequently, as civilizations grew and trade routes were established across North and South America – so too did the prevalence of chilies spread from Mexico all over these continents up until modern times. In the fifteenth century, Portuguese traders brought chilies to India for the first time. While traveling along The Spice Route, they exchanged Indian spices such as Black Pepper with these exotic new ingredients from around the world. As a result of this New World trade network, chili became an integral part of traditional Indian cuisine today!

Indian Varieties of Chilli

From the fragrant Kashmiri chili to the smoky Guntur and Jwala, India is home to a variety of spicy chilies that are enjoyed worldwide. Each type brings its unique flavor to dishes, making them popular ingredients in many cuisines. Here’s an overview of some of the most beloved varieties:


Kashmiri Chili is one of the most beloved chilies in India, renowned for its vibrant hue that can bring any dish to life. This mild red chili powder from Kashmir has become an essential staple in Indian cooking and is quite distinct from other varieties found throughout India. With a tongue-tingling flavor but less heat than the others, it’s no wonder why this chili is so desired!


The Guntur variety of chilies is primarily native to the district of Andra Pradesh. This region serves as a major exporter of various types of chili and chili powder throughout India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East, South Korea, the UK, USA, and Latin America. As such it has become renowned for its spicy dishes – particularly Guntur Sannam which also grows in Madhya Pradesh.


The Jwala chili, likewise known as finger hot pepper, is mostly harvested in Kheda, Mehsana, and other southern regions of Gujarat. It starts green but transitions to a bright red hue when ripe. You can even cultivate this chili at home with ease! The highly pungent Jwala chilis are readily available throughout the entire year in most local markets.


Famous for its vibrant hue and intense spiciness, the Byadgi Chilli of Karnataka is renowned across India. Derived from the town of Bydagi in the Haveri district, this variety has a flavor reminiscent of that of sweet paprika.


Boria Chillies are a unique, berry-sized variety of chili that is known for its vivid red hue and a moderate level of pungency. This type of chili can be utilized as Tadka in various Dals and Kadhis, with the result being an enhanced combination of flavourful heat! Not only do these bright Boria chilies add zest to your dishes but they also enrich them with their unmistakable spicy taste.


If you’re a fan of spice, then the Sankeshwari variety of chilies hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and are sure to tantalize your taste buds! These hot peppers have long been used in Maharashtrian cuisine – particularly in coastal dishes. It’s an integral part of garam masala powder too as it brings a fiery flavor that can be felt with every bite. From fish curries to chicken and vegetables alike, these chilies will add further zing without being overwhelming or overbearing.


A gastronomic symbol of Rajasthan, Laal Maas is an exquisite dish that owes its unique flavor and vibrant hue to the Mathania chili. Although not as popular outside of India’s northwest region, these spicy red chilies are a staple in traditional dishes due to their innate intensity and captivating flair.


Bhavnagari Chillies brings the perfect blend of flavor and heat. Unlike other peppers, these have a milder taste, which is why many people enjoy them for their less spicy punch. They are usually green in color and can be used to enhance dishes such as Bharwan Mirchi or Mirchi Pakoda. So if you’re looking for chilies that won’t overpower your meal with spiciness but still give it an added kick – then look no further!


The Kanthari chili sometimes referred to as the Bird’s Eye variety of chili is a particularly potent and pungent type of pepper that can often be found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Meghalaya. It generally has both green and red hues and packs an extra punchy spice compared to other kinds! Whether it’s with chutney (Kanthari Mulaku Chammanthi), pickles (Kanthari Uppilittathu), or even Chicken Curry from Kerala – this ingredient is sure to bring flavourful zing into any dish!


The Longi variety of chilies is ubiquitous in Bhujia and other Namkeen snacks. Not overwhelmingly spicy, yet plenty flavorful enough to make an impression on your taste buds! These red beauties provide the perfect kick for a plethora of Veg and Non-Veg curries as well as many delicious snacking options.

Red Chillies Exporters in India

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