Peanut in Shell

Arabic – الفول السوداني في شل
English – Peanut in shell
Russian – Арахис в скорлупе

Country Of Origin – India, Uzbekistan, Egypt

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Peanut skins have an abundant amount of natural antioxidants and a high content of dietary fiber says a new study. There are many different types of roasted peanut shell are available such as light-roasted or dark-roasted, which contain huge amounts of natural antioxidants.

The Peanut In Shell offered by us is produced in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world and can also be produced in warm temperate regions. The cleaned peanuts move by transport to shelling machines where peanuts are de-hulled as they are constrained through punctured meshes. The peanuts at that point go through updraft air sections that separate the pieces from the hulls. Explicit gravity machines separate the portions and the unshelled units.