Dehydrated Garlic

Arabic – الثوم المجفف

Dutch – Gedehydrateerd knoflook

English – Dehydrated Garlic

Russian – Обезвоженный чеснок

Spanish – Ajo deshidratado

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Dehydrated garlic is, as its name proposes, garlic that has been got dried out. It is minced into littler pieces that join well into any dish and impart a garlic season without the surface. The granules likewise stand up well to high temperatures and can be tossed onto vegetables preceding roasting without burning. Garlic is known for a distinctly strong and slightly spicy flavor that comes from allicin, which serves to enhance virtually all savory dishes.  Both consist of ground dehydrated garlic. To make dehydrated garlic, garlic cloves are first peeled, then minced.