Amaranth Grain

Arabic – قطيفة الحبوب
Dutch – Amarant Graan
English – Amaranth Grain
Russian – Зерно амаранта
Spanish – Grano de amaranto

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Amaranth regularly referred to as a grain, is the seed from a blossoming plant. There are various medical advantages of amaranth and it is nutritious, as well. Amaranth seeds are tan or light darker in color and are about the size of poppy seeds. Not a genuine oat grain, Amaranth is at times called a ‘pseudo-grain’. This old grain is high in fiber and protein, just as numerous significant micronutrients. Amaranth grain has a long and beautiful history in Mexico and is viewed as a local harvest in Peru. It was a significant food harvest of the Aztecs, and some have assessed amaranth was domesticated somewhere in the range of 6,000 and 8,000 years ago.