Arabic -لوز
Dutch – Amandelen
English – Almonds
Russian – миндаль
Spanish – Almendras

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Almonds contain lots of hydrogenated vegetable fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E. The fitness benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Descriptions of some almond varieties

” Mollar de Tarragona’

The size of the almonds are a completely large, wide and light brown color and it is slightly rough also.40-43% produced on shelling and 5% of double almonds. Average time of blooming, manufacture in Spain.

” Marcona’

The size of the almond is large and it is in round shape. The surface of the almond is slightly rough. 25-28% produced on shelling; no double almonds. Blooming at the beginning of March and late discharge at the beginning of October. It is originated from the province of Alicante (Spain).

” Tuono’

The look of this almond is like Hardshell fruit. 30-40% produced on shelling; the quantity of double almonds varies between 15 and 30%. Very late blooming and early maturation. This is found in the Variety of Puglia (Italy).

” Ferragnès”
The size of these almonds is large, the surface of these almonds is slightly pointed and brown in color. Very late blooming and maturation at the end of September in the region of Nimes (France). But its origins from ” Cristomorto’ x “Ai’, in France.

” Bonita’
The size of the almond is medium, the surface is thick and the color of this almonds is pale with stripped. This almond looks very attractive. 23% produced on shelling. Late blooming. Its origins in Portuguese variety.

” Nonpareil”

The size of this almonds is slightly longer, thick and it contains very thin pale surface.60-65% produced on shelling. Very early discharge. It is the classic Californian variety.