Peanut Exporters India – Shree Gunatit Impex [O.P.C]

As we all known the Indian is very famous in exporting the agricultural products world-wide and the peanut is one of the key player in Indian agricultural export business. The peanut production takes 25% of total India’s oilseeds and more then 20% of other countries peanut products. There are mainly 2 peanut growing production seasons in India¬† Kharif & Rabi. The Kharif season takes 85% shared in the total production, it is basically planted in june and harvested in ocotober and the major states are Gujata, Andhra Pradesh and Maharshtra while Rabi seaon takes rest of the 15% southern regions like, Tamin Nadu, Karnataka and Telegana.

Peanut is known by many other local names such as groundnuts, gooberpeas, earthnuts, pygmynuts, monkeynuts pignuts and other…..but the popular names are Groundnuts and Peanuts. Though the peanuts is not a nut but a legume. Peanuts are eaten various ways around the world from many years. In India, it is eaten raw, boiled, fried and roasted while in countries like North America [United States of America] it is rarey consumed raw but heavily consumed roasted with oil and butter. It is also used in variety of food courses like in deserts, cakes snacks, chocolates, confectionery even in sauces. It is rich in protein, fat and shows various nutrition for health benefits. Research says that peanut may even be helpful in weight loss & also can reduced the risk of heart diseas. There are other countries who uses penuts on other by products like peanut butter and we all know the Peanut Butter Jelly one of the best breakfast to be considered. To provide of high-demand of peanuts around the world many countries produces the peanuts and exoporting peanuts but the India is the second largest peanut exporters in the world. There are huge demand of Indian peanuts and to provide those agriculture products there are many Indian exporters and traders heavily exporting peanuts and other types of grounnuts. Shree Gunatit Impex [O.P.C] is one of the matured company among them exporting peanuts to world-wide. The quality of the peanuts are inspected and packaged by the requirements and can be shipped with various ports and location. Their expertise are the best among their rivals who are into peanut exporting business.