Peanut Farming

How Weather is affecting Peanut Crops

We all know Groundnut is most important cash crop of our country. It is least priced but valuable source of all the nutrients. Groundnut is the sixth most important oilseed crop in the World.

Its cultivation is mostly confined to south Indian states,viz, Gujarat, AndhraPradesh, Karnataka,TamilNadu and Maharashtra.The other important states where it is grownare Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The share of ground nuts inshell was39,779.84 thousand kg valued at Rs.11,039.43lakh.

Groundnut is essebtially a tropical plant. It requires a l long and warm growing season. The most favourable climatic conditions for groundnuts are well distributes rai fall of at leat 50 centimeters furing growing season, abudance of sunshine and relatively warm temprature.

While plants need water, of course, excess amounts of rainfall can have a negative impact on yields.A lack of any of these nutrients can stunt a plant’s growth. Too much water can also leave the soil waterlogged, which may increase risk of compaction.

As we know Too much rain and overcast skies can slow the plant’s growth and affect the blossom production. Heavy rain leaches nutrients in the soil and can trigger nutrient deficiency, affecting the plant growth.Seeded crops like pumpkin, sunflower, squash, sweet corn and beans may not germinate under saturated soil.

About our farmers When the sun sets in, they go out to the field to plant, harvest and dry up their farm produce when necessary and when it begins to rain, they either choose to get involved in other activities or plant a new crop. There are a limitless number of crops that require lots of water for growth.

We Shree GunatitImpex still taking care of all the things and trying maintain our quality best for all our customers and also praying for best enviornment so it won’t make husstle for our farmers as they are feeding the whole World.