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How Do You Clean a Bird Feeder?

Cleaning your bird feeders might be one of the most tedious things that come with trying to attract birds to your feeder. Fortunately for you, we have a few tips, tricks, and products that can turn this task into a few simple steps that increase the amount of traffic your feeder will get from our healthy feathered friends.

For what reason Do I Need to Clean My Bird Feeder?

A clean bird feeder prevents germs and bacteria from staying nearby, possibly hurting your backyard birds. With time and high temperatures, the risks of stale, spoiled or funky food are increased and your feeders will require more frequent cleanings. Keep in mind that areas of your backyard with lots of sunshine will ruin your seed more rapidly — the same goes for nectar, fruits, etc. Place your feeders in areas with moderate sunshine and adequate shade.

Which Feeders are Easy to Clean?

Before you go out and start your search for a feeder, it’s important to understand certain feeders are easier to clean than others. There are three types of feeders that you can limit your search to if you are trying to discover quick-clean styles:

Tube Feeders: These types of feeders are some of the easiest to clean, as all you really need is some cleaner and warm water. Essentially take the top off the tube and place your feeder into a bucket of warm water. Add about a teaspoon of liquid cleanser, and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes before taking it out and washing it with clean water. Once dry, you can add your new seed to your shining clean feeder — it’s as simple as that.

Window Feeders: These feeders are also amazingly easy to clean. Regularly, you’ll only need to give the feeder a wipe or two with a cloth that has been soaked in warm water and cleanser. You can also take a similar approach as with tube feeders and soak your feeder in warm water and cleanser if there are inconvenience spots of dirt or grime. These feeders, along with being incredibly simple to install, will never leave you frustrated or overwhelmed with the amount of clean up.

Container Feeders: Container feeders provide a tray, where the feed sits, that can be easily removed for simple cleaning using the same method of soaking mentioned above. Once the tray is out, a fast wipe down of the rest of the feeder will lead to a perfectly fresh and clean set up for our feathered friends to come and eat while keeping them healthy and happy the entire summer. As usual, remember to allow the feeder a lot of time to dry off.

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