Global Market Demand of Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated Vegetables are vegetables from which moisture content has been removed. The water content from these vegetables is removed by some special drying methods. Sun drying is one of the oldest methods used  for dehydration. Dehydrated Vegetables are used in instant noodles, soups, snacks, fast food and such other products. The export of dehydrated vegetables in India has been increasing over the years due to the diverse uses and benefits of these veggies.These vegetables retain most of their nutritional content in the dehydrated state. Thus, the dehydrated vegetables in India are now exported all around the globe.

The dehydrated vegetables exporters in India export dehydrated vegetables to different corners of the world. The export of dehydrated vegetables usually includes the export of dehydrated onion and dehydrated garlic.

Dehydrated Onions are onions from which moisture has been removed through a special drying process. The export of dehydrated onion in India has been on a rise for a few years now.

Dehydrated Garlic is the garlic from which moisture content has been removed. This is done through special drying processes. The export of dehydrated garlic has been increasing over the years due to the various diverse uses of the garlic.

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