Sesame seeds traders and exporters from India

Consignor of Sesame Seeds In India

Sesamol is a natural organic compound that is a component of sesame seeds and sesame oil. Sesame seeds have one of the highest oil percentages. These are also highly consumed seeds across the globe & are used by every culture & cuisine. Sesame seeds exporters in India are always selling natural sesame seeds products at most suitable prices and into the best quality pieces. This is the reason exporters of sesame seeds in India like us have become so popular across the nation and overseas too.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds :

  • This seeds are good to use with food items and cooking items.
  • Used for treating diseases like headache or migraine
  • Used to give protection to our lever and helps in oxidative damage.
  • It used along with bakery items mostly in bread.
  • Added to bread and other recipes for a nutty flavor.
  • Good for healthy cooking and also treated suitable for salad oils and margarine.
  • We value our track record of first-rate service & customer satisfaction in sync with the guarantee for perfect quality, pricing & performance. With our cutting-edge technology, supply chain management & drive for product innovation, we are empowered to produce & export a complete range of sesame seed on a global scale:

    Natural Sesame Seed: We are the bulk processors, exporters & traders of natural white sesame seed in India.
    Hulled Sesame Seed: HL Agro is the premier supplier & trader of the mechanically hulled sesame seed to the global markets.

    Black Sesame Seed: We manufacture & export a range of sorted-cleaned natural black sesame seed & jet-black sesame seed for culinary. medicinal & industrial applications.

    The best quality of sesame seeds & competitive prices enabled us to become the preferred choice of our clients.